LIFELINE PROJECT + SOAP Arthur Guinness Projects

“The Lifeline Project challenges our conventional image of the urban commute. It asks us to imagine the Luas BXD traversing a vibrant multifunctional corridor animated by walkers & cyclists, living walls, circus school, edible forest garden, city farm, ecological technologies, beekeeping, a bio-remediation workshop – A mile long living laboratory promoting active partnership with nature.”

This year Guinness has launched a new philanthropic endeavor which will take a project based approach to funding over the next 3 years. They have asked members of the public to submit ideas online and invite friends & fans to vote for projects, X Factor style.

After 5 years of research and development Lifeline Project is ready to move from research into actively prototyping ideas. Guinness Projects has come just at the right time for us.

Please read our  Guinness Projects proposal If you like what we are up to follow this link to the GUINNESS PROJECTS site to register and VOTE. You can vote every day until August 23rd for as many projects as you like.

With a little help from our friends….we just might WIN!



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One Comment on “LIFELINE PROJECT + SOAP Arthur Guinness Projects

  1. Great news Kaethe!

    This is an incredible project and deserves every success.

    You fully deserve every support possible in bringing the Lifeline Project plans to fruition.

    Good luck.


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