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  1. I walk past this every day. I’d love to see a woodland landscape. Ideally render the whole wall, one large woodland landscape scene with benches the length of the wall.

  2. Sitric resident here too and would love to see something artistic go up on that space. I think people had problems with the quotes because it might have been perceived (at least to me) as being done to promote a book that had recently been published by the Press and weren’t designed to enhance the community. Three quotes was probably overkill in hindsight, one would have been fine though.

    What Ruaidhrí suggests would be ideal I think, there will probably be some complaints from some residents but if they are in the significant minority I would say press ahead with it regardless

    • I know Ruaidhi’s comments are just notional but setting up a row of benches on the sidewalk would not be difficult, as I mentioned, the footpath needs to be kept clear for pedestrians. In Bryant Park NYC they have bought several hundred French Cafe Chairs which they distribute daily around the site providing a more adaptable and friendly seating arrangement. http://landscapeurbanism.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/03_Bryant-Chairs.jpg.

      IKEA sell versions of these folding chairs and tables for 15 euro: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90095428/. My neighbour Betty suggested the idea of individual residents sponsoring chairs which could be kept locally and brought out when the sun shines…but where would we find accessible storage?

  3. how about a living wall? Instead of a picture of nature, have real nature!

  4. Yes, that would certainly be fantastic! In fact, some of the older, more textured areas of the wall already are ‘alive’ http://www.flickr.com/photos/desireland/2540409965/in/set-72157605371792175 A group of us have been exploring this potential for some time. I have have a garden full of moss samples ready I have collected for a group MOSS GRAFFITI experiment at the SITRIC PICNIC: http://www.stencilrevolution.com/tutorials/how-to-make-moss-graffiti/

    Ideally it would be brilliant if the living wall could feed off of the ‘grey’ water coming from the flat above Lilliput Press. Maintenance would be a key issue. I have been working with DIT product engineering students to design an aquaponics system for the Sitric Compost Garden which we hoped would be a step in that direction…In this regard, we are delighted to have the URBAN ROOFTOP FARM as our new neighbours and collaborators!http://www.urbanfarm.ie/

  5. Keep up the great work. I really miss living in that street. I will be back when my wee wans have left home!!!!

    Press on with some lovely art. Perhaps get the joinery to have an artist each month do something. Keep it fresh.


  6. Thanks Lisa! Actually, there are LOTS of wee ones on the street and in the area now! Families are sticking around due to the economic climate. All the more reason to refuel our enthusiasm for making the street safer and more livable…

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  8. How’s about something to explain the history of the area – eg from a bit of research the land on which these houses are built was once an orchard according to the older maps, or something in reference to the cattle market that was once here, or something to do with the Vikings and King Sitric. Maybe a mural?

  9. Forgive me for breaking into this discussion, but finding the street name was remarkable in that l once visited the road about 55 years ago. My late Mother Thresa O’ Reilly lived in Sitric Road, before getting married and moving to Malahind. I will be visiting Dublin in 2016 and will certainly be visiting the road, hope by that time l can get the house number.

    • Delighted to hear from you! I live on the road and will enquire to see if I can find out which house you and your mother lived in. Please get in touch when you come to visit in 2016. If you time it right you will be able to attend our annual local street party where we would love to hear your stories about life on Sitric Road 55 years ago! You might have known Mary Elizabeth who would have been in her 20s then I imagine?

    • Just seen your post, not sure if we are cousins? My Dad lived in Sitric Road, Sean O’Reilly & he had a sister called Thresa! I remember visiting the house many years ago but don’t know the house number, it was just across the road from a corner shop.

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