Lifeline Project Bí

The Lifeline is a large-scale project-focused initiative which aims to stimulate the development of a new city quarter devoted to urban ecology, sustainable design & planning, and enhanced levels of health & well-being in Dublin’s Northwest Inner City. Over the next ten years, The Lifeline will provide new educational, healthcare, training and employment opportunities for residents and reinvigorate the profile of Dublin 7 through a series of ecological projects which will make imaginative use of currently wasted resources.

, the first project of the Lifeline, has transformed Dublin’s Northwest Inner City into an outdoor classroom, bringing pollinators into the city, encouraging citizens to connect with and learn from nature in an urban context and delivering events to demonstrate the importance of pollination and biodiversity.

To find out more about our 2015 Bí activities join the Lifeline Project Bí Facebook Group or send us an email using the desireland Contact form.