What is desireland?
Desireland is a research based consultancy that focuses on the socio-cultural relationships that influence human well-being as related to the built environment and the promotion of integrated healthcare systems.

Founded in 2005 by Kaethe Burt-O’Dea, desireland works collaboratively with clients to develop project specific research methodologies that explore human experience and inform the development of innovative health care strategies. Kaethe brings a fresh ‘outsider’’ approach to healthcare research which is tuned to facilitate organizational learning and therapeutic model development as part of a holistic design process.

The way desireland works…
Desireland works on two levels: The consultancy develops and manages healthcare research programmes for clients. The principles that emerge in the process of this professional work are then further developed in not for profit community based demonstration projects. Examples include the Lifeline Project, Bí, SPUDS, the Sitric Compost Garden Community, the BENCHMARK and other ‘street’ interventions.